Figment, film, 1998

The Figment is video footage looped and projected onto the wall. It shows a boy thing bathed in red light and gesticulating from a single position. The soundtrack is a broken and rough mixture of communication and interference.

The projection is often shown together with You Know Who You Are - a pair of smoking shoes inside a shed with wooden chips strewn across the floor. The installation was first shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, 1998, together with a series of Still Lives. The title of the exhibition was Whether the Roast Burns, the Train Leaves, or the Heavens Fall. The work was later shown in 2001 as one component to a three part installation, Tomorrow's World, Yesterday's Fever (mental guest's incorporated): first at Milton Keynes Gallery and then Victoria Miro gallery, London, the same year. The film was also installed as part of a solo show in 2003, The Good the Bad and the Beautiful, Distrito 4, Madrid, Spain.

A series of photographic images of The Figment were also printed. The footage and photographs were made in Abigail's studio, Burbage House, East London.


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The Figment
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