Making History - shoes and prints, 1992-98

For Abigail's solo show Making History in 1992, ( Karsten Schubert gallery), a work was made consisting of two shoe-like objects that could be worn. The 'shoes' are 4 inch wooden blocks shaped to fit the feet. Each has a rubber strap on it's top to hold the foot in place and on its base is a rubber stamp impression of the artist's footprint - left and right respectively. Using a large ink pad, Abigail would make prints of peoples' feet onto paper. From these, rubber stamp impressions could be made and attached to the blocks. When the blocks are inked and walked in, the footprint marks are left behind. This may or may not be the identity of the wearer.

During the following few years the edition of 20 pairs was commissioned and produced for various shows and collections, each constructed with a different person's footprints. The owner of the work would elect to represent their own prints or nominate someone else of their choice. The list of people who commissioned and/or whose footprints were made into shoes is as follows: Abigail Lane, Karsten Schubert, Gary Hume, David Brown (Southampton City Art gallery), Peter Chater, Frances Bowes, Eileen Cohen, Giacommo Mazzari (Pirluigi Mazzari), Anne Elliot (British Council), Sarah Lucas (Glenn Scott Wright), Mona Hatoum (Rebecca and Zandy Stewart), Inguild Goetz, David Gill, Agnes Rein, Roudolphe Jansen, Nancy Lauter, Michael Rabkin, Tracey Emin (Mark Hubbard), Nicholas Berwin.

There is also a series of black and white photographs of Abigail walking in the pair of shoes that have her own footprints.

Making History
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Making History
Black and white photographic print on aluminium
aprox 91 x 61cm