Bottom Wallpaper and Bottom Prints, 1992-97

Printed in black and later blue ink, sequential bottom prints were made directly from the skin of a female model* onto 10 metre rolls of lining paper. The wallpaper is therefore a repeated pattern but unusualy each print is also unique.

The Bottom Wallpaper was first shown as part of Making History, a solo show at Karsten Schubert gallery, London in 1992 and then exhibited extensively abroad. It was sometimes shown with giant Ink Pads hung on top (Kunsthalle Krems, Austria in 1996, Emi Fontana gallery, Milan in 1994) or else with chairs that have ink pads for seats, facing the papered walls (Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland, 1992 and as part of Apocalyptic Wallpaper, alongside installations by Robert Gober, Virgil Marti and Andy Warhol at the Wexner Centre for the Arts, Ohio in 1997).

There were also a number of individual prints made onto paper.

*The model for the majority of the prints was Judith Reece. A few rolls, which were shown in Italy, were printed using a male model, Adam Chodzco.

Bottom Wallpaper
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Bottom Wallpaper
Black acrylic paint on lining paper
Each Roll - 56cm x 10m
Photo by Alex Hartley. 'Making History', Karsten Schubert, London,1992