Bone Idle Auction, 2005

Bone Idle The Auction was a part of The Showroom Dummy shop/ exhibition; Bone Idle at Charing Cross gallery in 2005.

It was an auction of decorated skulls made by Abigail and 11 of her artist friends: Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin, David Harrison, Damien Hirst, Angus Fairhurst, Don Brown, Gavin Turk, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Rebecca Warren, Mat Collishaw and Peter Blake. This was on November 24th, following several weeks on show as part of the exhibition/ shop.

Each artist was presented with a life size plastic replica skull – the sort used for scientific study. Each was sent in a black box that had silkscreen and crystal detail on its lid. Inside was a certificate. The artists each transformed their skull. They were drawn on, written on, cast and painted. Abigail added wax ears, Gary a mask; Tracey turned hers into a baby while Mat stove his with a hatchet. Angus perforated his with holes while Rebecca lobotomized hers to reveal an intricate inner world and Gavin incorporated the box to make an audio work.


Box lids for Bone Idle skull edition
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Box lids for Bone Idle skull edition
Silkscreen onto covered card
Each 24cm x 18cm