Inspirator, 2000

The Inspirator is an installation that incorporates projected video, a mirrored fountain and glitter ball/s. The filmed image is of someone dressed as a panda playing the trumpet in the forest. He bursts from a glittery explosion to play his badly synched performance for a few minutes before turning to retreat into the forest bubble. The footage repeats itself on a continuous loop. The footage is projected into a masked circular frame cut at the top and bottom by the wall's limits and the room is painted dark green outside this projected area. The fountain is filled with running water, the sound of which is amplified through speakers that are built into its sides, adding another layer to the installation's sound. The film's soundtrack was produced specially by Matty Skylab.

Although first shown as a work on its own at Andrehn Shiptjenko gallery, Sweden in 2001, this installation was made to accompany The Figment and The Inspirator as part of Tomorrow's World Yesterday's Fever (mental guests incorporated) at Milton Keynes and then Victoria Miro gallery, London, both in 2001. The Inspirator installation was also produced as part of a solo show in 2003, The Good the Bad and the Beautiful, Distrito 4 gallery in Madrid, Spain. The installation was also part of Dream Extensions curated by Filip Luyckx, at the SMAK Museum in Belgium in 2004.

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The Inspirator
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